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Commits on Nov 2, 2011
  1. @atmos

    release 1.1.6

    atmos committed
  2. @atmos
  3. @atmos

    Merge pull request #78 from mbmccormick/master

    atmos committed
    Update Weather script to support "natural language" replies, specify temperature format
  4. @atmos

    Merge pull request #83 from christianchristensen/pivotalstory-listen-…

    atmos committed
    Add a listen script to respond to pivotal stories seen in the room.
  5. @atmos

    Merge pull request #68 from Aupajo/master

    atmos committed
    Add pronunciation to Wordnik script
  6. @atmos

    Merge pull request #62 from whitman/uptime

    atmos committed
    Remove var definition - not needed
  7. @atmos

    Merge pull request #63 from dougcole/jenkins_ci

    atmos committed
    initial jenkins script
  8. @atmos

    Merge pull request #64 from unsay/animal

    atmos committed
    animal me - Grabs a random gif from
  9. @atmos

    Merge pull request #66 from ckdake/master

    atmos committed
    Make Hubot more webscale with Fibonacci
  10. @atmos

    Merge pull request #70 from canclini/master

    atmos committed
    Interaction with time tracking
  11. @atmos

    Merge pull request #40 from OiNutter/master

    atmos committed
    Bug fixes and enhancements to rubygems script
  12. @atmos

    Merge pull request #67 from dhchow/master

    atmos committed
    A "That's what she said" hubot script
  13. @atmos

    Merge pull request #73 from phyreman/patch-1

    atmos committed
    Personally reply to the person instead of a public message.
  14. @atmos

    Merge pull request #71 from ab9/dice

    atmos committed
    add dice-rolling script
  15. @atmos

    Merge pull request #74 from lukaszb/master

    atmos committed
    Basic queries to Python Package Index
  16. @atmos

    Merge pull request #77 from christianchristensen/get-pivotal-story

    atmos committed
    Add additional pivotal options (get specific story for defined project)
  17. @atmos

    Merge pull request #82 from ab9/dos-equis-comma

    atmos committed
    tolerate commas in "I don't always" meme
  18. @kneath

    Merge pull request #85 from kneath/faceup

    kneath committed
    Support for faceup: clown me, scumbag me, hipster me, and jason me
  19. @kneath
  20. @alexwhitman
  21. @mbmccormick
  22. @christianchristensen
  23. @ab9
  24. @ab9

    Merge branch 'master' into dice

    ab9 committed
Commits on Nov 1, 2011
  1. @atmos

    Merge pull request #80 from lukesmith/locations-script

    atmos committed
    A decision making script. Ask hubot to remember locations
  2. @lukesmith

    A decision making script. Ask hubot to remember locations and then as…

    lukesmith committed
    …k him to pick one for you to goto.
  3. @mbmccormick
  4. @canclini
  5. @ab9

    use "reply" instead of "send"

    ab9 committed
  6. @christianchristensen
  7. @philips

    perms: remove executable flags from js and json

    philips committed
    hubot scripts and json files have no need to be executable. Remove x.
Commits on Oct 31, 2011
  1. @maddox


    maddox committed
  2. @phyreman
  3. @atmos

    fixups for release

    atmos committed
  4. @lukaszb

    Added pypi script

    lukaszb committed
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