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Is there a private git repo monitoring script? #1279

dmitrym0 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi everyone, I looked but I couldn't find it. Is there a private repo monitoring script similar to supybot-git? I know hubot has a bunch of github monitoring scripts but that's not quite what I need.



I said this in #github: could you elaborate what you mean by monitoring? And when you say private, do you mean a private GitHub repo, or one hosted elsewhere?


@technicalpickles I'd like to get commit messages from a gitolite repo that I have posted to an irc channel. I have read/write rights to it, but I can't really mess with postcommit hooks and such.


I don't see anything gitolite specific in hubot-scripts yet.

If there was a way to adjust the gitolite install to have it do HTTP posts after pushes, then you could write a script to expose an endpoint for it to hit in hubot. That's basically how the GitHub scripts work in this repo.


Yeah, I suspected that would be the way to go, unfortunately I dont have admin access to the repo.

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