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After adding and setting HUBOT_NEWRELIC_ACCOUNT_ID, HUBOT_NEWRELIC_APP_ID, and HUBOT_NEWRELIC_API_KEY sending a newrelic me to the bot just hangs.

[Fri Feb 07 2014 10:17:52 GMT-0800 (PST)] DEBUG Message '[object Object]' matched regex //^[@]?Bot[:,]?\s*(?:newrelic me)/i/

I've verified that the account id, app id, and api key works correctly with a curl to{accountId}/applications/#{appId}/threshold_values?api_key=#{apiKey}".

Any ideas or suggestions on how to debug this?


What version of hubot are you on? bin/hubot --version.

If you are on the latest, I have a feeling some changes I made to error handling are silently dropping the stack traces. If you are on 2.7.1, can you try adding this somewhere in the scripts/ folder

module.exports = (robot) ->
   robot.error (err) ->
      robot.logger.error "#{err}\n#{err.stack}"

Having the same issue, hubot doesnt respond with newrelic me. Added the error logger but there's no trace.

I'm on version 2.7.1.

Also when reverting back to to c161c90 it works, so I'm pretty sure its the stuff related to supporting more than one new relic app id.

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