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Fixed ``: incorrect function name #533

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3 participants

Abhishek Das Zac Echola Josh Nichols
Abhishek Das

The script was not working. The error was that there was no function defined by the name of findUser. Changed that to robot.userForName and it seems to be working fine.

Zac Echola

The findUser function can be found in the script. I copied the function over from that script in my pull request, but your changes seem to work, too.

Abhishek Das

Oh. I wasn't using That's why I didn't find the function. My change works fine. No need to add another function for the same job I guess.

Josh Nichols technicalpickles merged commit ce25e36 into from
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  1. +1 −1  src/scripts/
2  src/scripts/
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.respond /(i\'m|i am) working on (.*)/i, (msg) ->
name =
- user = findUser name
+ user = robot.userForName name
if typeof user is 'object'
user.workingon = msg.match[2]
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