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User = require './src/user'
Brain = require './src/brain'
Robot = require './src/robot'
Adapter = require './src/adapter'
Response = require './src/response'
{Listener,TextListener} = require './src/listener'
{TextMessage,EnterMessage,LeaveMessage,CatchAllMessage} = require './src/message'
module.exports.loadBot = (adapterPath, adapterName, enableHttpd, botName) ->
new Robot adapterPath, adapterName, enableHttpd, botName
module.exports.User = User
module.exports.Brain = Brain
module.exports.Robot = Robot
module.exports.Adapter = Adapter
module.exports.Response = Response
module.exports.Listener = Listener
module.exports.TextListener = TextListener
module.exports.TextMessage = TextMessage
module.exports.EnterMessage = EnterMessage
module.exports.LeaveMessage = LeaveMessage
module.exports.CatchAllMessage = CatchAllMessage
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