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# Allows Hubot to know many languages.
# translate me <phrase> - Searches for a translation for the <phrase> and then
# prints that bad boy out.
# translate me from <source> into <target> <phrase> - Translates <phrase> from <source> into <target>. Both <source> and <target> are optional
languages =
"af": "Afrikaans",
"sq": "Albanian",
"ar": "Arabic",
"be": "Belarusian",
"bg": "Bulgarian",
"ca": "Catalan",
"zh-CN": "Simplified Chinese",
"zh-TW": "Traditional Chinese",
"hr": "Croatian",
"cs": "Czech",
"da": "Danish",
"nl": "Dutch",
"en": "English",
"et": "Estonian",
"tl": "Filipino",
"fi": "Finnish",
"fr": "French",
"gl": "Galician",
"de": "German",
"el": "Greek",
"iw": "Hebrew",
"hi": "Hindi",
"hu": "Hungarian",
"is": "Icelandic",
"id": "Indonesian",
"ga": "Irish",
"it": "Italian",
"ja": "Japanese",
"ko": "Korean",
"lv": "Latvian",
"lt": "Lithuanian",
"mk": "Macedonian",
"ms": "Malay",
"mt": "Maltese",
"no": "Norwegian",
"fa": "Persian",
"pl": "Polish",
"pt": "Portuguese",
"ro": "Romanian",
"ru": "Russian",
"sr": "Serbian",
"sk": "Slovak",
"sl": "Slovenian",
"es": "Spanish",
"sw": "Swahili",
"sv": "Swedish",
"th": "Thai",
"tr": "Turkish",
"uk": "Ukranian",
"vi": "Vietnamese",
"cy": "Welsh",
"yi": "Yiddish"
getCode = (language,languages) ->
for code, lang of languages
return code if lang.toLowerCase() is language.toLowerCase()
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.respond /(?:translate)(?: me)?(?:(?: from) ([a-z]*))?(?:(?: (?:in)?to) ([a-z]*))? (.*)/i, (msg) ->
term = "\"#{msg.match[3]}\""
origin = if msg.match[1] isnt undefined then getCode(msg.match[1], languages) else 'auto'
target = if msg.match[2] isnt undefined then getCode(msg.match[2], languages) else 'en'
client: 't'
hl: 'en'
multires: 1
sc: 1
sl: origin
ssel: 0
tl: target
tsel: 0
uptl: "en"
text: term
.header('User-Agent', 'Mozilla/5.0')
.get() (err, res, body) ->
data = body
if data.length > 4 && data[0] == '['
parsed = eval(data)
language =languages[parsed[2]]
parsed = parsed[0] && parsed[0][0] && parsed[0][0][0]
if parsed
if msg.match[2] is undefined
msg.send "#{term} is #{language} for #{parsed}"
msg.send "The #{language} #{term} translates as #{parsed} in #{languages[target]}"
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