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Update README with notice about external adapters

Adapters shouldn't add hubot as a dependency in their package.json files.
This caused an issue when sending messages between hubot and the adapter.
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1. Start a project for the hubot adapter npm package
-2. Add `hubot` 2.0 as a dependency to your `package.json` file
-3. Add your main adapter file as the `main` file in `package.json`
+2. Add your main adapter file as the `main` file in `package.json`
+**NOTE**: If you've already released an adapter, remove the hubot dependecy
+from the `package.json` file as this causes hubot to be installed twice
+causes some issues.
Below is an example of requiring hubot to extend `Adapter` and exporting
a `use` function that will be used to load your adapter when used.

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