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Run hubot on windows #166

lukesmith opened this Issue · 16 comments

6 participants

Luke Smith Tom Bell Corey Donohoe Laurent Kempé Sean Copenhaver Thomas Kahlow
Luke Smith

Is this something that would be useful to people?

I'd like to give it a go next week if noone is already working on it.

Tom Bell

This is totally possible once the "binary" dependencies which require gcc are removed from the core, i.e only deps being optparse, scoped-http-client and coffee-script, it would totally be possible.

Corey Donohoe

Yeah, the 2.0 version could probably run on windows. It's a week or two away though.

Corey Donohoe atmos closed this
Laurent Kempé

Anyone successfull with running hubot on windows?

Tom Bell

It can run, but it's not supported.

Laurent Kempé

I tried without success.

Tom Bell

Then it doesn't work

Sean Copenhaver

We just got it running at work as an IRC bot on Windows 7. Ended up having to compile all the coffeescript to javascript (interpreter just gave error messages we weren't familiar with) and make sure everything was in a node_module directory with a little bat script to start it up at the root level. We settled on an internal repo' for our setup.

    ourbot.cmd - runs `node node_modules/hubot/bin/hubot.js`

Something like that. Hope that helps for those interested.

Laurent Kempé

My issue at the moment is when I start the npm install I get the following error

node-waf configure build

'node-waf' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

Sean Copenhaver

We didn't run into any problems once we compiled it to javascript. @kahlow do you remember any of this?

Thomas Kahlow

I didn't run into any problems like that. After getting node and npm setup on my pc I did an npm install Hubot. I then went through and converted all of the coffee script into javascript using coffee's '-c' command. After that, I ran the command 'node bin/hubot.js' from the hubot root directory expecting it to blow up but everything started up fine. I used the latest node and npm for windows.

Laurent Kempé

which version of node and npm are you running?

Thomas Kahlow

npm v 1.1.16

I'm going to recreate what we did in the office and write up a how-to.

Laurent Kempé

Ok I have the same version and went much further with your instructions, may be just a question of minutes now

Laurent Kempé

Bingo I have it running ! I've got the Hubot propmt and it replies to the hubot help command.

Laurent Kempé

I wrote a blog post Running Github Hubot on a Windows machine describing how I did it.

I also adapted the wiki.

Thanks for the help
btw I haven't compiled the coffeescript to js.

Thomas Kahlow

Sweet, I'm going to try your method now.

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