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irc bot doesn't reply #20

honza opened this Issue · 11 comments

6 participants


I can see the bot in the room. When I do:

hubot: image me pony

Hubot receives it ok, but it fails when it tries to send the message back to the room.



It replies with:

ERROR: err_notexttosend: hubot No text to send

Hey Honza,

I haven't used the IRC adapter, I think @xpaulbettsx has and said he has some changes coming down the line.


Awesome. I'm happy to help debug.


I got it to run today, but it wasn't pretty — looks like 'user' is undefined in the 'send' method, so I hardcoded the IRC channel, and all was well.

If I knew more CoffeeScript I'd send a pull request with a real fix.

@smoak smoak referenced this issue from a commit
@smoak smoak Fix for irc not replying #20 5b291a1

I can confirm that 5b291a1 works.


Same here. Thanks @smoak

@peterwooley peterwooley referenced this issue from a commit in peterwooley/hubot
@peterwooley peterwooley Fixed for IRC issue #20. Adds user name to options object and updates…
… the test user (though, I've been unable to get the tests running on my box).

So, this was the fix I was working on, which basically just keeps the user's name in the Robot.User's options. Plus, it might fix a test, if I were able to get the tests running locally.


Fixed in 076420a

@atmos atmos closed this

@xpaulbettsx Any progress on the IDENTIFY stuff? Thanks

@glucero glucero referenced this issue from a commit in absperf/hubot
@smoak smoak Fix for irc not replying #20 ea85beb
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