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Campfire weirdness #280

atmos opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Occasionally hubot takes a while to respond due to long running tasks. In the campfire adapter we store the last room a user spoke in and use that when we eventually reply with the response. We need some way to tack it onto the message and now have the response follow the user to another channel.


I remember discussing this with you. I can't remember what conclusion we came to, but the current master functionality is to put the reply into the room the user last spoke in. Can't remember if we said we want it to remember the room the incoming message came from and reply to that room or as it currently is.

//cc @atmos


I think we should be able to implement a reply based on an incoming object and not the username along. The object could keep track of the originating room, etc. I'm pretty sure this type of behavior would be ideal for all of the adapters other than shell.


Yeah, I thought the original behaviour was the reply was sent to the originating room, but after testing last night using setTimeout, the reply followed me into a 2nd room I spoke in.

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