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Hubot chat persistence #373

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Is there a way for hubot to persist things said to it, e.g. Storing data in SQLite or github gists or something.

I'd like to be able to have a conversation with hubot and have him remember what I said. Apologies if this is already present. I did search for persistence in the closed issues ....


So I deployed hubot 2.3.2 to heroku and see that it won't run without redistogo which appears to be the persistence layer. Is there any documentation on what get's persisted? Also I see that the redistogo nano (free) doesn't support persistence, so I am unsure about what gives there :-) I created a basecamp instance but I'm not sure if hubot is connected. I followed all the instructions in deploy to heroku , but I see "npm not found" in the error logs (however apparently that's okay: #155 ). I've got hubot in the chat room - and he just said "Pong" to me, yay! this blog article was very helpful in that regard: So now I just need to work out what's going on with persistence. I guess hubot's not storing anything at the moment ...

Anyhow, apologies if this is wrong place for all this. Just trying to get set up with hubot and trying understand the persistence framework ...


You can disable the '' script in hubot-scripts.json and it won't store any data between hubot restarts. It uses redistogo by default on heroku, because it's free and easy. To find out what is stored you should check out

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