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Redis server is needed for hubot shell as stated in github/hubot/#42 #198

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Had a connection refused error, googled, and found github/hubot/#42

Installing redis-server solved the issue.


The core Hubot doesn't require redis-server any more (and hasn't for a while). Redis should only be required if you're using redis-brain:


Going to close this as it's a requirement of not hubot.

@tombell tombell closed this

As you wish, but the installation instructions just won't work without redis-server.

@tombell tombell reopened this
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@@ -9,7 +9,10 @@ Playing with Hubot
You'll need to install the necessary dependencies for hubot. All of
-those dependencies are provided by [npm](
+those dependencies are provided by [npm]( except for
+Redis server.
+Ubuntu: ```sudo apt-get install redis-server```
% bin/hubot
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