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GitHub Grants for Open Source

Open source is the foundation of all great projects and the key to the future of software. GitHub is where open source communities live and supporting open source is at the very heart of GitHub’s mission.

In India, there are thousands of Open Source projects thriving on GitHub. Some of the prominent ones have tens of thousands of users.

For supporting the great work of the Indian open-source developer community, we are excited to announce the GitHub Grants for Open Source program.

GitHub Grants for Open Source is GitHub’s efforts in helping open source contributors and maintainers from India continue to build world-class software to make an impact for India and the world. We would be supporting them with a total monetary grant fund of INR 1 crore. Eligible contributors and maintainers can apply for the grant through the application process outlined. All applications will be reviewed and grant awards will be decided by an expert panel of jury members from the industry, government, academia and GitHub.

Please note: The grants are currently open only for individual contributors and maintainers, and not teams or organizations.

Who can apply

To be eligible to apply and receive a grant, an individual MUST:

  • Have made significant contributions or be a maintainer of at least one open-source project
  • Have an active online profile (preferably a GitHub Profile Readme) describing their work and contributions to open source
  • Have an active bank account in India where the grant amount can be received, if declared
  • Not be a current employee of GitHub and/or any of its parent/subsidiary companies

What do we look for

While eligible individuals can apply and are considered, not all applicants would be awarded a grant. The applications would be thoroughly evaluated by a jury. An applicant's chances of being awarded a grant would significantly increase if they:

  • Have made significant contributions to an open-source project/s, that has helped a large number of its users
  • Have demonstrated means by which a grant would help them and the open-source project/s they contribute to or maintain
  • Are actively involved in the open-source community and help their peers

How to apply

Complete and submit the application form at this URL. Applications close on the 11th of April, 2021. If you are shortlisted or selected to be awarded a grant, you will be contacted through the details mentioned in your application form.


The decision of which individuals will be awarded a grant and the grant amount that they would receive, will be made by a jury of experts from the industry, academia, government and GitHub. The decision of the jury members and GitHub will be final.

The jury members for the GitHub Grants for Open Source program are:

Jury Members


How much will an individual grant be for?

The overall grant fund is INR 1 crore. Award of this fund across the selected grant recipients is at the discretion and decision of the jury members and GitHub.

Does my open-source project necessarily be on GitHub itself?

While it is preferred to have your open-source project on GitHub, it is not mandatory. However, if a contributor/maintainer of an open-source project that is not on GitHub is shortlisted for a grant, we might contact you for some additional details to verify your contributions.

Is there something I need to do after receiving the grant?

The grant is purely for the purpose of supporting contributors/maintainers of open-source projects to continue to build awesome open-source software for the world.

What do you mean by 'significant contributions'?

Significant contributions include those which make a tremendous impact on the open-source project and its users. Examples include - development of new features, improving usability & experience of a project, improving contributor experience & velocity of a project, etc.

If I have any questions, what do I do?

Send us an email to india-opensource[at] or feel free to hop on to Discussions on this repo and ask your question. Someone on the GitHub team would answer your question.