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GitHub Accelerate

India has a vibrant tech startup community, with many entrepreneurs choosing GitHub to enable innovation. Last year, in partnership with a few leading venture partners in India, we ran a pilot program to provide access to GitHub Enterprise to startups in India. The pilot saw outstanding engagement, with nearly 200 startups signing up, including AirMeet, Kawa Space, and ClearQuote, to name a few.

GitHub Accelerate is a program for supporting startups in their technological growth by providing access to GitHub’s enterprise products. The program is currently open to startups who are a part of a select partner network consisting of accelerators, incubators & venture funds.

Startups that are a part of the GitHub Accelerate program get upto US$24,000 of GitHub Enterprise Cloud for 2 years.


Startups* meeting the following qualification criteria are eligible to be a part of GitHub Accelerate:

  1. Less than 7 years in existence
  2. Revenue less than $25M
  3. Raised a seed funding or Series A/B/C (or validated equivalent)
  4. Part of GitHub Accelerate’s program partners

*Existing paying customers of GitHub are not eligible for this program

GitHub Accelerate Program Partners

Thanks to our initial launch partners for the program.

Startup that are a part of the following funds/incubators/accelerators can get access to GitHub Accelerate

  2. Sequoia
  3. Matrix Partners India
  4. Blume Ventures
  5. Stellaris Venture Partners
  6. Microsoft for Startups

We are continuing to add more Venture Funds / Incubators / Accelerators to our program.

Drop a mail to 04surf[at] if your organization is supporting startups in India ecosystem.

Applying to the program

Fill out the form to share details about your startup and developer setup.

We will review your application and get back to you within 72 hours. Simple !!

Help / Contact

If you need help / clarifications, please reach out to us at india-startups[at]