Script that scrapes alert statistics from Nagios and reports them to Graphite
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Ledbetter is a simple script for gathering Nagios problem statistics and submitting them to Graphite. It focuses on summary (overall, servicegroup and hostgroup) statistics and writes them to the nagios.problems metrics namespace within Graphite.


Clone the GitHub repository and use Bundler to install the gem dependencies.

$ git clone
$ cd ledbetter
$ bundle install


Ledbetter requires a number of environment variables for runtime configuration. The following example demonstrates how to run it manually from the command line, but you would typically run it as a cron job.

$ export NAGIOS_URL=
$ export NAGIOS_USER=foo
$ export NAGIOS_PASS=bar
$ export CARBON_URL=carbon://localhost:2003
$ bundle exec ruby ledbetter.rb

Optionally you can set DEBUG=1 to also print statistics to stdout. CARBON_PREFIX can also be set to override the default namespace (nagios.problems).

$ DEBUG=1 bundle exec ruby ledbetter.rb
nagios.problems.all 41 1359170720
nagios.problems.critical 27 1359170720
nagios.problems.warning 12 1359170720
nagios.problems.unknown 2 1359170720
nagios.problems.servicegroups.apache 0 1359170720
nagios.problems.servicegroups.backups 3 1359170720
nagios.problems.servicegroups.dns 0 1359170720
nagios.problems.servicegroups.mysql 1 1359170720


Ledbetter is distributed under the MIT license.