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Commits on Jun 07, 2012
@josh josh Add basic Tokenizer e0cbe81
@josh josh Add simple classifier f747b49
Commits on Jun 08, 2012
@josh josh Fix test name e0c777d
@josh josh Use language name as hash key e5ae9c3
@josh josh Add sample gathering class 0172623
@josh josh Dump classifier results 9ecab36
@josh josh Don't crash if classifier data is missing 8351d55
@josh josh Improve tokenizing sgml tags 6f6dd8b
@josh josh Rebuild classifier data 543922c
@josh josh Merge branch 'master' into bayesian 62498cf
@josh josh Rebuild classifier data fd8b70f
@josh josh GC classifier db 8a75d4d
@josh josh Rebuild classifier data 12cfab6
Commits on Jun 19, 2012
@josh josh Merge branch 'master' into bayesian ecb2397
@josh josh More tokenizer docs 5555730
@josh josh Refactor tokenizer test helper d5fa8cb
@josh josh Doc sample class d9ecbf0
@josh josh More classifier docs d069198
@josh josh Allow tokens to be passed directly to classify 8f85a44
@josh josh Allow classifer languages to be scoped d566b35
@josh josh Rebuild classifier 4d5c9b9
@josh josh Depend classifier db on fixtures e2b0f6b
@josh josh Warn if classifier instance is out of date ddf3ec4
@josh josh Merge branch 'master' into bayesian 9d55586
@josh josh Rebuild classifier db 3fee3ac
@josh josh Fix doc typo ee6650f
@josh josh Ensure token probability is less than 1.0 176f648
@josh josh Merge branch 'master' into bayesian fdd81ce
@josh josh Merge branch 'master' into bayesian c804d04
@josh josh Rebuild classifier db 9810c69
@josh josh Test classifier on ambiguous languages c114d71
@josh josh Switch to log probabilities to avoid float underflows 4484011
@josh josh Remove dead fixture test 645a87d
Commits on Jun 20, 2012
@josh josh Merge branch 'master' into bayesian e33d8f3
@josh josh Skip pending tests e9eae4e
@josh josh Rebuild classifier db cb70572
@josh josh Skip number literals f68e94f
@josh josh Rebuild classifier data db9475f
@josh josh Sort classifier yaml output 5daaee8
@josh josh Rebuild classifier db 48ecae0
@josh josh Ensure language is loaded 2672089
@josh josh Remove debug line 4324971
@josh josh Test against real gist data 26f9550
@josh josh Merge branch 'master' into bayesian
@josh josh Skip gc step for now 7bcf90c
@josh josh Verify classifer counts 516a220
@josh josh Log regexp and classifier guess mismatches 9c9607e
@josh josh Merge branch 'master' into bayesian ac23d64
@josh josh YAML sucks 0067f28
@josh josh Rebuild classifier db 6252f12
@josh josh Fix indent c353d3a
@josh josh Improve operator tokenizing 5cdd5e2
@josh josh Rebuild classifier db 5568489
Commits on Jun 21, 2012
@josh josh Remove matlab file with bogus keywords 4b9b8a5
@josh josh Strip tex and matlab leading inline comments 497da86
@josh josh More matlab samples 540f2a0
@josh josh Use classifier as primary method for disambiguation 076bf7d
@josh josh Merge branch 'master' into bayesian 77a6a41
@josh josh Merge pull request #172 from github/bayesian
Bayesian Classifier
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