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Binary *.n files are Neko (haXe) applications, not Nemerle code #106

jgranick opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Linguist is flagging any file with a *.n extension as Nemerle, but the extension is used by Neko binary code.

Since this is compiled code, I don't think it should be counted towards any source code total -- but it should not be flagged as Nemerle!

For example, I have a project which includes haXe source code, that compiles to a Neko application for processing Javascript, building JS projects, etc. 68% of the file total is the compiled *.n application, while the rest is the haXe source code.


Clues that a file is Neko, and not Nemerle:

  • It is binary, not ASCII
  • The file begins with the string "NEKO"

Yeah, its kind of tricky. But for the most part we try to exclude any binary files.


@josh josh closed this

Currently, any file that uses an *.n extension will be flagged as Nemerle.

It should only be considered Nemerle if it is an ASCII file, and not binary


Neko binary is still considered as Nemerle at the moment...

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