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josh commented Jun 7, 2012

Initial work on bayesian classifier.

This includes the custom tokenizer for input into the classifier.

/cc @TwP

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@josh josh and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Jun 7, 2012

+ scores.sort { |a, b| b[1] <=> a[1] }
+ end
+ def tokens_probability(tokens, language)
+ tokens.inject(1.0) do |sum, token|
+ sum *= token_probability(token, language)
+ end
+ end
+ def token_probability(token, language)
+ if @tokens[language][token] == 0
+ 1 / @tokens_total.to_f
+ else
+ @tokens[language][token].to_f / @languages[language].to_f
+ end
+ end

josh Jun 7, 2012


@TwP This needs some tweaking.

The issue is how to weigh tokens we haven't seen yet. We don't want the probability to be 0, otherwise its going to reduce the entire probability of matching the language to 0.


TwP Jun 16, 2012


During the classification phase, if we find tokens not in the language then we have to score them as zero. It is during the training phase that we build up the probabilities that a token belongs to the language. As new languages come in, we have to train the classifier to recognize them. It is the process of building up the token probabilities.

There are algorithms for continuous training bayesian classifiers. Should definitely check one of those out.

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josh commented Jun 19, 2012

/cc @sbryant

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josh commented on 4484011 Jun 19, 2012

@TwP @sbryant this is fishy

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michaelficarra commented on 26f9550 Jun 20, 2012

Cool. You can use gists as an unlimited source of prewritten test cases. But you can also use them to train, right?


josh replied Jun 20, 2012

I'm planning to avoid training against user data for licensing reasons. I want the classifier db to be fully MIT and I don't think its right include users data in it without their permission. So you can opt in and donate your code to the linguist samples repo.


michaelficarra replied Jun 20, 2012

Sorry, my code is all 3-clause BSD. MIT is scary.


josh replied Jun 20, 2012

It doesn't have to be real code, just a sample file. Hopefully the output of the coffeescript compiler isn't BSD licensed :P

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josh merged commit 2a324c6 into master Jun 21, 2012

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