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Add Cobol, Whitespace, LOLCODE, a preliminary entry for INTERCAL, and split Objective C++ out from Objective C #345

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Eric Gallager Josh Bleecher Snyder Ted Nyman
Eric Gallager

Just some languages that I saw didn't have entries yet, so I added them. I was told to put this here by:

Josh Bleecher Snyder

:+1: for splitting out Objective-C++. I want to use linguist with Uncrustify, and in that context, the distinction between Objective-C and Objective-C++ is definitely relevant.

Josh Bleecher Snyder

@cooljeanius, do you mind if I separate out your Objective-C++ related changes into a new, standalone pull request?

Ted Nyman

@josharian — That would be appreciated, I could probably merge a PR like that.

Eric Gallager

@josharian go right ahead

Josh Bleecher Snyder

Great, will put one together. Blocked for the moment on getting tests passing locally (cf. #407).

Josh Bleecher Snyder josharian referenced this pull request February 26, 2013

Add Objective-C++ #411

Ted Nyman tnm closed this March 07, 2013
Eric Gallager

Wait, so is this closed just because #411 exists now?

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