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Jan 25, 2010

  1. Michael Jones

    Disabled doctitle_xform for rest rendering

    Restructured text was previously being rendered so that:
    	Some text.
    	Some text.
    	Some more text.
    Had a tag pattern of:
    	<h1 class="title">Header1</h1>
    Which does not suit the github css stylesheets well, as the
    class="title" is ignored so the first two headings are rendered the same
    size. Additionally the github stylesheets add a horizontal rule/line
    above <h2> headings which in rst are really level 3 headings in the
    source document.
    Adding doctitle_xform: False to the render settings results in:
    Which suits the github stylesheets much better and matches the markdown
    The tests have also been updated to include appropriate headings in the
    rst example.
    michaeljones authored defunkt committed
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