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bowman commented Apr 23, 2012

I'd like to put the README.* file in a subdirectory of my project. Specifically,
I want $HOME to be the working tree and $HOME/.dotfiles/README.txt to be used.
I want to avoid having any README.* name in the root, so a symlink doesn't help.

Another use case might be when the github README is in doc/ while the
"you have just downloaded this tarball" README is in the project root.

Issue #21 is related, it seems to be seeking ways to specify README metadata,
in that case it's the format of a txt file, in my case it's the location. The #21 post does
offer the suggestion of a [README] config section that could have a location/path added.

Issue #3's discussion mentions embedded modelines as a way to specify metadata,
but that does not apply to finding a file in the first place (unless everything was to be scanned).

Perhaps an website admin option could be added? I find this a bit smelly though.

Perhaps git-attributes, git-notes or github-specific hooks could be used to add the metadata to paths
or commits in a way that github could use?

"Too bad, we're not interested" is also fine.

bowman commented May 2, 2012

In the meantime I've just linked the project home page to the README.txt I want

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