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I'm helping jruby project to migrate from kenai wiki to github's wiki (gollum)

For this to happen, gollum should support mediawiki, so here is the pull request :)




This would be crazy awesome. We've been wanting to move JRuby's wiki off for some time, so we can version it and manage it ourselves. If it gets merged in, we could move the wiki wholesale to github and to a hosted gollum instance too).

Big +1.


MediaWiki support would ease adoption of GitHub for existing project wikis.


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I need someone to actually try this out. It seems to add [edit] links to headers for instance. Can the WikiCloth gem disable those?

qmx commented Jan 4, 2011

I'll check this and ping back. thanks for pointing out!

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Ah headius gave me the fix: to_html(:noedit => true) It should be going up with the next github deployment.

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