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I just reformatted my README from Markdown to restructuredText in order to get cross-referencing support and I stumbled on peculiar rendering bug.

In Markdown in you use the `` back-tick characters the text gets nicely formatted, but in rst when you use the ````double back-ticks (same feature) it does not properly highlight the in-lined code. The reason being is the rst renderer uses the <tt> HTML tag instead of the <code> tags.

So I have made a small change to the rst HTML renderer so that in-line code elements get rendered using the code tag.

It would be nice if you integrated these changes into GitHub, because not having the code highlighted makes documentation less readable.


andho commented Feb 21, 2012

Why is there no activity on this. Is this gonna get merged or not. Is there someother way to highlight inline code.

GitHub member
tnm commented Aug 4, 2012

We now support highlighting on ReST (e.g,

@tnm tnm closed this Aug 4, 2012
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