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Makes the git ignore file case insensitive

For Windows users, it probably doesn't make sense to have .gitignore be case sensitive.

From the docs:

If true, this option enables various workarounds to enable git to work better on filesystems that are not case sensitive, like FAT. For example, if a directory listing finds "makefile" when git expects "Makefile", git will assume it is really the same file, and continue to remember it as "Makefile".

The default is false, except git-clone(1) or git-init(1) will probe and set core.ignorecase true if appropriate when the repository is created.
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1 parent d554492 commit 4cf04564eca3be48936a969677d078925690ad93 @Haacked Haacked committed Jun 22, 2012
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@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
symlinks = false
autocrlf = true
editor = gitpad
+ ignorecase = true
diff = auto

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Haacked commented on 4cf0456 Jun 22, 2012

We probably should take this for GHfW.

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