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@@ -3,10 +3,13 @@ that implements it.
- add a README
-- find a reasonable method to start git-gui _not_ from the command line
- (maybe git-cheetah?)
- feed the changes in 4msysgit.git to mingw.git or directly to git.git. This
is a bit involved, as it means repackaging the whole diff between our master
and Junio's master. We might get away with rebasing step by step, i.e.
replace each merge from upstream with a rebase. Much work, no doubt.
+- WinGit: force
+ "git ls-files --other bin/git-* | xargs rm && cd /git && make install"
+ to avoid installing stale files.
+- rebase with binary patches says "corrupt patch" at some stage.

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