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Before you get started, please make sure that you have the following:

  • Ruby 2.0 or higher
  • Mac OS, Linux, or other Unix-line operating system (Windows is not supported)
  • Ability to install gems, e.g. with rbenv or rvm, or root privileges to install into the system Ruby
  • Puppet agent for Linux or Mac OS X, or installed as a gem - required if you are going to compile Puppet catalogs locally without querying a master

Installing from

octocatalog-diff is published on rubygems.

On a standard system with internet access, installation may be as simple as typing:

gem install octocatalog-diff

Once the gem is installed, please proceed to Configuration.

For general information on installing gems, see: RubyGems Basics.

Installing from source

To install from source, you'll need a git client and internet access.

  1. Clone the repository

    git clone
  2. Bootstrap the repository (this will install dependent gems in the project)

    cd octocatalog-diff
  3. RECOMMENDED: Make sure the tests pass on your machine


    Note: If tests fail on your machine with a clean checkout of the master branch, we would definitely appreciate if you would report it. Please open an issue with the output and some information about your system (e.g. OS, ruby version, etc.) to let us know.

Once the code is downloaded and bootstrapped, please proceed to Configuration.

Running from an alternate branch

We have prepared specific instructions for running octocatalog-diff from a non-master branch, for testing changes that may be requested by the developers.