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This document outlines our philosophy and goals for the continued development of octocatalog-diff.


  • Work on a system without a full Puppet installation
  • Cause no added load on production Puppet masters (unless you specifically choose to do so with non-default options)
  • Offer a command line tool to help make developers more efficient
  • Offer the ability to in a Continuous Integration (CI) environment
  • Be compatible with Puppet 3.8.7, 4.5, and later versions
  • Provide flexibility to build and compare catalogs even in esoteric Puppet codebases

Areas for future development

We are considering these areas for possible future development:

  • Improved display of diffs, perhaps a web interface
  • Additional CI use cases
  • CI output display to summarize a change and a list of affected hosts, rather than listing all changes host-by-host


These are ideas we've evaluated and decided not to pursue. (If you are considering a contribution along these lines, please open an issue before start working on it. We would feel badly if you did a bunch of work that we could not accept.)

  • Making this into a Puppet module with a "face" so that it can be run with puppet octocatalog-diff ... or similar. (We have specifically designed this tool to run without a full Puppet installation. There are similar projects that are distributed as Puppet modules.)