@shlomi-noach shlomi-noach released this Aug 29, 2018 · 119 commits to master since this release

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Changes since last release: v3.0.11...v3.0.12

  • New analysis: UnreachableMasterWithLaggingReplicas, handles situations where the master is in lockdown and replicas still think everything is fine. Handles by restarting IO thread on replicas, #572
  • Massive reduction and redaction of logs, #555
  • GTID-based promotion utilize immediate master promotion optimization, previously designed for Pseudo-GTID based failovers, #551
  • Docker builds now using current branch as opposed to pulling master, #550
  • Docker image now smaller, thanks @rhoml, #545
  • Fix to basic authentication in orchestrator-client, #581
  • Graceful master takeover: fail when attempting to promote ignored host, #570
  • Graceful master takeover: now works when master is read-only, #548
  • Added FailMasterPromotionIfSQLThreadNotUpToDate configuration, thanks @samiahlroos, #534
  • orchestrator-client uses incremental sleep to auto-recover brief leader loss, #527
  • Fixed timestamp on sqlite in non UTC boxes, #591, thanks @ndelnano
  • start-replica returns an error if replication does not kick in in timely manner, #590, thanks @cezmunsta
  • Fixed take-master logic when server already is co-master, thanks @Pomyk, #576

There's much more, and there are outstanding PRs which I am yet to review/test. Thank you to the many contributors!

$ gsha256sum *
2fbe927d9ee725d80ff30ba85dba2139c33bde5007f388ede8f4a05ee00799c1  orchestrator-3.0.12-1.x86_64.rpm
918d6950616b2cf16db019c7af8c7dae223de7b7ff1e3e221cad34baf734b0bb  orchestrator-3.0.12-linux-amd64.tar.gz
de8e639636d9d7fe17062780d4ad67ae43a9e0d2b913c62bac347aeffcc57dd4  orchestrator-cli-3.0.12-1.x86_64.rpm
9252b0cd387ea090c01983cb59cb510ad9d725236f3ef6adabff9d3a81ae456a  orchestrator-cli_3.0.12_amd64.deb
8aeb69c35225e30692ea3c203955314b0571e36539af64c92c76b0c59c745b0a  orchestrator-client-3.0.12-1.x86_64.rpm
ec8558217103be7a2457aabc6663545757332192f1e71310b59bed3a784fea53  orchestrator-client_3.0.12_amd64.deb
653ae7b6e2edfffd50cced387ce6d60247ff287fa7a8866d54bceb88d1bcdca6  orchestrator_3.0.12_amd64.deb