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Heroku app that fires webhooks for triggered PagerDuty incidents

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PagerDuty Incident Webhooks

This fires a webhook of incident data for each triggered incident PagerDuty in your account. Ideally, you'd point this at another tiny app that processes the events and does your bidding with them - ships them to campfire, APN, a tiny sinatra app that pipes incidents to say...go nuts.

Re-triggered incidents will cause an additional webhook to be sent for the same incident. Make sure your endpoint is okay with this.

I hate to poll like this, but whatever. It works.

Running on Heroku

Clone this repo.

In the clone:

heroku create --stack cedar yourname-pagerduty-incident-webhooks --addons memcache heroku papertrail:test

Set the following config at heroku:

heroku config:add
heroku config:add PAGERDUTY_AUTH_PASSWORD=foo
heroku config:add POLL_INTERVAL=10

Ship it:

git push heroku master

Fire up a web process:

heroku scale web=1

Hit up papertrail and check on the logs.

Credit where Credit is Due

Large parts of this are based on the PagerDuty library @leejones wrote for pager_today.


Copyright 2012, GitHub, Inc. See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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