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GitHub Training Kit

Home of GitHub's On-Demand training

This repository contains the completely open source on-demand training hosted at These materials are provided under a Creative Commons License license.

We ❤️ Contributors Like You!

We’re eager to work with you, our user community to improve these materials and develop new ones. Please check out our CONTRIBUTING guide for more information on getting started.

Projects Used in Training-Kit

Packaging for Viewing Behind Your Firewall

If you'd like to have a copy of the files to be served from a web server inside of your firewall, start by running script/package.

  1. Run script/package to create a release tarball. This will be in the format release-XXXXXXX.tgz for you to take wherever you want.
  2. To test this looks okay, create some folders mkdir -p test_site/kit.
  3. Untar the release, tar -xzf release-XXXXXXX.tgz -C test_site/kit.
  4. Switch into the test_site directory, cd test_site.
  5. View the site with python -m SimpleHTTPServer. Note: Some servers are obviously more advanced than others and can handle redirects, smart recognition of .html files, etc


Site content is licensed under CC-BY-4.0. CC-BY-4.0 gives you permission to use content for almost any purpose but does not grant you any trademark permissions, so long as you note the license and give credit, such as follows:

Content based on used under the CC-BY-4.0 license.

Code used to build and test the site as well as code samples on the site, if any, are licensed under CC0-1.0. CC0 waives all copyright restrictions but does not grant you any trademark permissions.

This means you can use the content and code in this repository except for GitHub trademarks in your own projects.

When you contribute to this repository you are doing so under the above licenses.