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TUINSWindow #119

avaidyam opened this Issue · 10 comments

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To what respect are we to flesh out TUINSWindow? I do recall @joshaber saying it would be a welcome addition, but as long as it wasn't extravagant.

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Sorry about that accidental closing there, mate. What were you thinking would make a window any better than it already is? They seem to have reached their evolutionary apex.


@CodaFi LOL, I actually believe otherwise. (If only windows ran on CALayers!)

  • Windows backed by TUIView content views, which allows for robust animations (somewhat).
  • Custom window drawing made easier (Automatic, since TUIView has drawRect).
  • No more need for TUINSView hosting would be quite nice. This would be the final stop in making TwUI, what I think, is a self-sufficient framework, hopefully, wholly not reliant on AppKit... I think.

I do not understand the point of this.

A NSWindow will always have exactly one contentView, and it must always be a NSView or a subclass of NSView. You cannot "back" a window with a TUIView. The only benefit this wrapper would provide would be a couple lines of code to set up a TUINSView and set it as the content view of the window.

This needlessly hides implementation details, and I do not think it's needed.


I find that TUINSWindow is an overly specific class, mainly created for Twitter for Mac. For one thing, the category on NSWindow for the first responder methods should probably be extracted into their own files.

I'll leave the deletion for TUINSWindow up to @joshaber.


Closing this out as removing or modifying TUINSWindow at this point would be too major of a change.

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