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TUILayoutConstraint Additions #94

galaxas0 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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At the moment, my implementation of TUILayoutConstraint only supports equality constraints (==). It would be nice if they supported inequalities (>=, <=, >, <), but alas, I have no idea how to go about this. Would anyone have an ideas on how to implement this?

There's also a few things I'd like to fix:

  • A weird superview layout bug (requiring the superview to have a layout name).
  • Removal of layout names: I'm thinking of using -[NSProcessInfo globallyUniqueString] instead.
  • ASCII-art based layout construction - this one's a LOT harder.
  • AppKit bridging for layouts. I have no idea how the current bridging architecture works though.

VFL (Autolayout language) is documented here:


Added the "enhancement" label and removed it from the issue title.


Could you tell me how to do that? It doesn't seem possible from :\


Apparently only collaborators can do it. Never realized that.

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