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Starter workspace to use with the CodeQL extension for Visual Studio Code.


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A starter workspace to use with the CodeQL extension for Visual Studio Code. For more information, see the vscode-codeql repo.


  1. Install Visual Studio Code.
  2. Install the CodeQL extension for Visual Studio Code.
  3. Clone this repository to your computer.
    • Make sure to include the submodules, either by git clone --recursive or by git submodule update --init --remote after clone.
    • Use git submodule update --remote regularly to keep the submodules up to date.
  4. In VS Code, click File > Open Workspace. Select the file vscode-codeql-starter.code-workspace in your checkout of this repository.
  5. You will see several folders open in the left sidebar:
    • The ql folder contains the open-source CodeQL standard libraries for C/C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript/Typescript, Python, and Ruby. It tracks the branch tagged codeql-cli/latest in You can run the standard queries from here, and browse the libraries.
    • The folders named codeql-custom-queries-<language> are ready for you to start developing your own custom queries for each language, while using the standard libraries. There are some example queries to get you started.
  6. Follow the documentation for the CodeQL extension to learn how to set up the extension, add a database and run queries against it. Have fun!

Using the vscode-codeql-starter in a private repository

If you want to privately share your CodeQL queries with your teammates using this project as a template:

  1. Create an empty, private project in the organization you want.
  2. Clone this project locally: git clone
  3. Add a remote to the local copy git remote add my-org<MY-ORG>/vscode-codeql-starter.git
  4. Push the code to the new remote: git push my-org main

GitHub does not allow private forks of public repositories.


This project welcomes contributions. See for details.

Reporting issues

Issues and suggestions should be reported in the vscode-codeql repo.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

The CodeQL extension for Visual Studio Code is licensed under the MIT License. The version of CodeQL used by the CodeQL extension is subject to the GitHub CodeQL Terms & Conditions.