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Roadmap for vulcanizer features

This is not a guarantee of any feature, but a rough plan on where we will develop further.

v0.1.0 - Released

Release of basic functionality for the basic client with a idiomatic API containing structs for data returned and a possible error.


  • Get health status of a cluster
  • Get nodes of a cluster
  • Get indices of a cluster
  • Get settings of a cluster
  • Get snapshots of a cluster
  • Get details of a snapshot
  • Drain a server - set shard allocation rules so that data moves off of the server
  • Fill a server - remove shard allocations rules so that data moves on to the server
  • Fill all servers - remove all shards allocation exclusion rules
  • Set a cluster setting
  • Enable or disable cluster allocation entirely

v0.2.0 - Released

Handle more cases around repositories and snapshots.


  • Verify a repository
  • Delete a snapshot

v0.3.0 - Released

Even more cases around repositories and snapshots.


  • List repositories
  • Take snapshots
  • Restore snapshots

v0.4.0 - Released

Add functionality for managing indices.


  • Delete index
  • Get pretty index settings
  • Get machine readable index settings
  • Set index settings
  • Get pretty index mappings
  • Analyze text with built in analyzers
  • Analyze text based on a field
  • Additional client options for HTTPS, timeout, HTTP basic auth, and TLS configuration

v0.5.0 - Released


  • Open index
  • Close index
  • List/add/update/remove aliases
  • List shards
  • Display shard recovery information
  • New client configuration options: user, password, path, protocol, TLS verification