A all in one amplifier and antenna system was in the making for a long time and now its out!

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The 4-Output Distribution Amplifier will help overcome signal loss. The CDA4 boosts signal to be split to 4 TV's or a digital converter box. Low Noise 7.5 dB Gain per port Includes 4-Output HDTV distribution amplifier, 40 inch coaxial cable, power supply and instructions Can be used outside with a power inserted

4-Output Low-Noise HDTV Distribution Amplifier Splitting the signal to multiple TV's or converter boxes will result in signal loss. The 4-Output HDTV Distribution Amplifier will boost signal strength for reliable picture quality and antenna reception. Designed for both home and professional use, the distribution amplifier can also be used when 50 feet or more of coaxial cable is used from the antenna to the TV or converter box. Distribution Amplifier's counter this loss by boosting the available signal from the incoming coaxial cable. Our Distribution Amplifier is commonly used in homes and businesses where the antenna will be connected to as many as four TV's without impacting the signal. ****Kit includes everything you need to get started Low-Noise 4-Output HDTV Distribution Amplifier Power Supply, 15V DC with Overload Protection One 40in. Coaxial Cable Assembly and Installation Instructions For Indoor and Outdoor Use This distribution amplifier is recommended for indoor use, but they can be used outdoors. For outdoor use, we recommend using a watertight F connector along with weather boots to protect the connections from the environment. Additional tips: Ifoutdoor installing, you will need a power inserted to allow the included power supply to share the coaxial cable connected to the designated output show on the Distribution Amplifier. You should also consider 75 Ohm F-termination caps for any unused outputs.

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