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  • Fixed save screen to actually save
  • Fixed left arrow auto repeat.
  • Added save and show all selected to 3D controls
  • Enlarged DFT display to use full width of window
  • Corrected height of auto outline button.
  • Corrected display of warning messages when loading wavfronts that do not match the config parameters.
  • Fixed profile plot's error when mirror diameter is changed.
  • Fixed problem with transfrom wavefront buttons not being displayed
  • Make zoom outline fit to window
  • Fixed obscure bug in averaging wavefronts when the wavefronts vary in size too much
  • Corrected ROC offset calculations for Foucault and Ronchi simulations.
  • Corrected and added fullscreen version of 3D and Contour plots.
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    @githubdoe githubdoe released this Apr 27, 2021

    • Version 5.0 64 bit
      • Add first phase II (unknown phase) of PSI algorithms (see File/process PSI interferograms)
      • Fixed intensity color display dialog
      • Changed contour "show all" to "show selected"
      • Added link to second setup of youtube videos to help
      • Added pen color and angle configuration to contour plot ruler
        setup in preferences General.
      • Changed profile show all to only show what is selected.
      • Flipped star test images top to bottom.
      • Changed to 64 bit compile.
        • Updated 3D to new OpenGL Qt control
      • Changed Desired Roc offset controls
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    @githubdoe githubdoe released this Jan 11, 2019

    • Version 4.0
      • Added PSI processing
      • Fixed crash when all wave fronts are selected in profile and mouse moves over contour plot
      • Only update contour profile line when shift is held down and mouse is over contour plot
      • Add help for astig stats feature.
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    @githubdoe githubdoe released this Nov 30, 2018

    • Version 3.4
      • fixed slow update link between contour plot and profile plot
      • Added check box to enable contour to profile plot link.
      • Corrected foucault roc offset calculation bugs.
      • Added most batch controls to be remembered between runs.
      • Changed rms filter plot max to be 1.25 times the max RMS value.
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    @githubdoe githubdoe released this Nov 23, 2018

    Fixed bug for loading grey scale images.

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    @githubdoe githubdoe released this Nov 22, 2018

  • Major enhancment links contour plot and profile plot.
    Added current profile line indicator to contour plot. Linked contour plot and profile plot so that moving the profile angle moves the contour profile.
    Displays error of pixel under contour plot cursor and move the profie angle to match and include that point.
    Left click and drag creates a zoom rectanngle. Right click zooms out full size.
  • Tools menu. Added wavefront transforms to change size of wave front, to change input wave length, to flip wave front. Necessare to compare wave fronts from other users done at different settings
  • Tools menu. Added tilt vs astig analysis.
  • Added save Foucault and Ronchi images to the scan control.
  • Region editing. Pressing control key with shift and left button mouse moves all regions.
  • Preferences DFT. Added flip resulting analysis settings.
  • Remembers zoom to edge setting on load of new interferogram and in batch processing.
  • Moved progress bar for batch processing to the Batch dialog
  • File menu Added save current profile to a text file.
  • Corrected bug so that last used central obstruction outline is remembered correctly.
  • Corrected issue with contour plot and 3d plot which did not show as desired in report.
  • Corrected obstruction shown in profile plot
  • Inhibited asking about inverting wavefront during test stand removal process.
  • Enhanced test stand astig circle plot to show lines linking rotations 90 deg apart.
  • Enhanced test stand astig circle plot to pick a better circle fit algorithm when points are mostly on a line.
  • Fixed last outlines not being remembered correct when next igram is loaded and center outline was last selected.
  • Fixed bug that would not invert wave fronts.
  • Added dialog to configure size of contours in show all counters feature.
  • Corrected calculation of polar angle of atig value displays.
  • Batch feature. Changed review to save indiviual images instead of making a movie.
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    @githubdoe githubdoe released this Feb 6, 2018

    • Version 3.2C
      • Fixed bug with contour conrols where not enabled.
      • Fixed bug creating none square wave fronts.
      • Changed auto outline first phase to do a full scan of image. Takes a little longer but finds correct outline more often.
      • Corrected location of center and regions to move with outside outline.
      • Changed profile plot to not draw ends of plot to zero
      • Fixed bug where slope error was not displayed correctly on profile plot.
      • Rotation dialog now remembers last used rotation parameters.
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    @githubdoe githubdoe released this Jan 18, 2018

    • Version 3.2b
      • Fixed close buttons on tool windows
      • Modified auto outline algorithm to run faster and fixed bug in it.
      • Added more detail on auto outline contols help.
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    @githubdoe githubdoe released this Jan 6, 2018

    Added ruler overlay to Contour plot.
    report .pdf added better page breaks.

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    @githubdoe githubdoe released this Jan 4, 2018

    • Version 3.2
      • Fixed some outlining bugs and batch mode outlining of central hole when not asked to.
      • Moved auto outline options from preferences to igram control panel.
      • Added options to limit outline scan to around user supplied outline along with adding user supplied width of scan.
      • Added outline progress and messages
      • Added auto outline debug display to preferences settings.
      • Added outline process monitor plots.
      • Added extensive help for auto outline featrue.
      • Fixed bug about when to use previous outlines and regions
      • Created user supplied offsets to apply to auto outline created position and radius in preferences.
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