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09 Mar 03:13
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What's Changed

  • Added annulus processing for mirrors with holes in the center. Previously, mirrors with holes larger than around 30% could get some error in S.A. and in defocus removal.
  • When saving mirror configuration parameters, file format is now .json file. DFTFringe can still read old .ini format files.
  • Added more hover help popups (aka tooltips), particularly in mirror configuration screen
  • First version that won't install on Windows 7

Full Changelog: v7.1.2...v7.2.1


24 Nov 15:39
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What's Changed

  • Fixed some minor bugs with GUI regarding edge mask feature; including removing edge mask from OLN files (was added in version 6.3.0)

Details explained better here: issue #115 - issues with "edge mask" aka aperture reduction

Full Changelog: v7.1.1...v7.1.2


10 Nov 03:37
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What's Changed

  • Added logging to assist with debugging, particularly if there is a crash. To view log file go to exe folder then DFTFringeLogs/log.txt

  • Updated project dependencies

  • Fixed regression introduced in 7.0.0 breaking "show only average" of astig stats

  • Improved waveFront slection display

    • Displayed waveFront is clearly identified with a green circle

    • F2 shortcut can be used to rename waveFront

    • delete shortcut can be used to delete waveFront

    • enter shortcut can be used to dispaly selected waveFront

    • Right click gives access to a menu for all previous shortcuts

  • Fixed issue where regions sometimes fill in with data off by many wavelengths

  • Several secondary windows are now closing automatically on main window close (but not all)

  • Fixed issue where Foucault view display "TextLabel" instead of number

  • Fixed regression introduced in 7.0.0 not displaying effects of central obstruction in most displays

  • Removed unused interpolation drop down from rotate wavefront dialog

  • Linux is not sensitive to jpg or other extension case anymore for selecting files

  • Fixed regression introduced in 7.0.0 where regions might not be updated correctly when processing several igram

Full Changelog: v7.0.0...v7.1.1


23 Aug 23:20
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What's Changed

  • Remove compilation warnings that only affect DFTFringe programming team
  • Project is now buildable on macOS
  • Fixed all bugs related to rotating and averaging when there are regions or central obstruction
    • fixed issue where masked points outside mirror edge could be averaged in when rotating
    • made it so masked regions only grow once instead of everytime you recalculate zernike's or change blur
    • rotation uses only outer edge mask now as everything else should rotate
    • eliminates tons of bugs if the center obstruction region changes sizes or position and then we average
    • fixed bug when reading wavefronts where central obstruction moved due to rounding error
  • Fixes GUI issues related to outline (oln) file
    • Oln files are now stored in a new format. DFTFringe can still open files from previous format
    • Fixed bug where oln files can be read wrong (typically 12% of the time)
    • Fixed bug where reading and writing to oln file after cropping would move outline and region locations
  • Fix some memory leaks - calculating wavefronts uses about 25% less memory! So you can process more igrams before having to restart DFTFringe.
  • Hovering over data in "astig stats" dialog will show picture name
  • Automatically close some secondary windows that were not closing at end of main application
  • Fix issue where regions near the edge of the igram can cause a crash
  • v6.3.1

    21 Jul 17:57
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    What's Changed

    • Fixed some issues with regions that caused DFTF to crash if you didn't check them each time\
    • Regions are remembered better from one igram to the next
    • Fixed a few minor bugs related to "edge mask":
      • null calculation when first opening DFTF
      • saving edge mask
      • improved an edge mask message wording
    • Improved many things that only affect DFTFringe programming team
    • New windows installer
    • Linux version of DFTF now exists (only for latest ubuntu) and is always built automatically


    DFTFringe release 6.2

    02 Feb 20:10
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    • Version 6.2
      • Enhanced report.pdf generation to make images better
      • Remembers 3D control settings
      • Added file save and restore to user drawn profiles of simulation function
      • Added more help info to user drawn profiles

    DFTFringe version 6.1

    16 Jan 23:06
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    • Version 6.1
      • Added extensive features to dialogs accessed from simulation menu to create surface features
        • Added parameters to change number of rings
        • Added parameters to change number of star arms
        • Added feature to model turned edge
        • Added feature for user to draw surface profile
      • Added Ronchi ROC offset multiplier so Ronchi images have a more reasonable ROC offset in relation to Foucault ROC offset.
      • Added percentage text of center outline of igram
      • Added blue average to the 16 diameters profile display
      • Fixed Crop button bug so that it does not do a DFT. Removed debug text from contour plot
      • Added dotted black line at middle of outside outline
      • Fixed bug that caused surface spike to 0 value under rare conditions
      • Fixed Foucault and Ronchi ROC offset if defocus was disabled by user
      • Disabled DFT resize if resize value is larger than image.

    DFTFringe version 6.0

    24 Jul 20:40
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    • Version 6.0
      • Added zoom feature to DFT display using mouse wheel. Starts by zooming DFT to fill its display window.
      • Added zernike smoothing to tools menu
      • Added optional 3D and log/regular displays for PSF and updated MTF display
      • Fixed right cliking bug when no files are in wave front list
      • Fixed bug where chaning mirror diameter caused profile plot to be incorrectly sized.
      • Right click menus added to Focault and ronchi images so they can be saved as images.
      • Made changes to PSI processing GUI to improve user interface including adding radian display option
      • Updated report.pdf and astigStats.pdf with better pictures.

    V5.1: Improved zoom outline. Corrected Ronchi offset. Added fullscreen to 3D

    19 Jul 04:25
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  • Fixed save screen to actually save
  • Fixed left arrow auto repeat.
  • Added save and show all selected to 3D controls
  • Enlarged DFT display to use full width of window
  • Corrected height of auto outline button.
  • Corrected display of warning messages when loading wavfronts that do not match the config parameters.
  • Fixed profile plot's error when mirror diameter is changed.
  • Fixed problem with transfrom wavefront buttons not being displayed
  • Make zoom outline fit to window
  • Fixed obscure bug in averaging wavefronts when the wavefronts vary in size too much
  • Corrected ROC offset calculations for Foucault and Ronchi simulations.
  • Corrected and added fullscreen version of 3D and Contour plots.
  • Revision 5.0 64 bit

    27 Apr 22:41
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    • Version 5.0 64 bit
      • Add first phase II (unknown phase) of PSI algorithms (see File/process PSI interferograms)
      • Fixed intensity color display dialog
      • Changed contour "show all" to "show selected"
      • Added link to second setup of youtube videos to help
      • Added pen color and angle configuration to contour plot ruler
        setup in preferences General.
      • Changed profile show all to only show what is selected.
      • Flipped star test images top to bottom.
      • Changed to 64 bit compile.
        • Updated 3D to new OpenGL Qt control
      • Changed Desired Roc offset controls