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Rain Bow

About JS13K

Rain Bow is a game made for the JS13K Games Contest. The goal of the contest is to create a game that is no larger than 13kb when zipped. The theme this year is 'offline'.

I hope I win a t-shirt!

About the game

The power shut off in your house because of a storm. All you can do for entertainment is watch the rain fall. This isn't ordinary rain, however. This is musical rain!

Using the ASDF keys, you can play each raindrop as it falls down and hits the rainbow. The more notes you miss, the worse the storm gets, so make sure you're accurate!

There is also a composing mode, where you can write your own song and play it!


  • This game was created off of the JS13K boilerplate.
  • The sound was taken from Google's music lab!
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