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Learn ATS by Solving Math Puzzles

Project Description

ATS is equipped with a highly expressive type system rooted in the framework Applied Types System, which also gives the language its name. It is, however, non-trivial to make effective use of types in ATS. Many people wanted to learn ATS and made a great deal of effort to do so but failed at the end.

In the past, I found that solving math puzzles in ATS could greatly help someone learn dependent types and theorem-proving. In this project, I am seeking help from the ats-lang-users community as well as other people interested in ATS to translate into ATS some of the problems published at Project Euler. The ATS code translated from the description of a problem is referred to as a formal specification for the problem. It is my hope that there will be considerably large interest (originated from the ats-lang-users community and elsewhere) in implementing the specifications posted here.

I will be eagerly collecting both specifications and their implementations. Note that a problem may be given multiple specificatons (of varying degree of accuracy or completeness) and each specification may be implemented in many different styles.

The very first example

Please follow the link to find the first problem at Project Euler. Let us use P1 to refer to this problem. For easy access, the description of P1 is pasted as follows:

If we list all the natural numbers below 10 that are multiples of 3 or 5,
we get 3, 5, 6 and 9. The sum of these multiples is 23.

Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000.

Here is one way to translate this description into ATS code:

(* ****** ****** *)
// SUM35 (n, t) =
// sum of i <= n such that i mod 3 = 0 or i mod 5 = 0
dataprop SUM35
  int(*n*), int(*t*)
) =
  | SUM35bas (0, 0) of ()
  | {n:pos}{s1:nat}
    SUM35ind1 (n, s1+n) of (SUM35 (n-1, s1), MOD (n, 3, 0))
  | {n:pos}{s1:nat}
    SUM35ind2 (n, s1+n) of (SUM35 (n-1, s1), MOD (n, 5, 0))
  | {n:pos}{s1:nat}{r3,r5:pos}
    SUM35ind3 (n, s1) of (SUM35 (n-1, s1), MOD (n, 3, r3), MOD (n, 5, r5))
// end of [SUM35]
(* ****** ****** *)
// HX-2015-01-13:
// please implement this one:
fun sum35{n:nat}(n: int n): [t:nat] (SUM35 (n, t) | int t)
(* ****** ****** *)

If an implementation of the function sum35 passes typechecking in ATS, then its return value from a call on 1000 is guaranteed to yield the correct answer to P1. This is really just a tiny showcase for the powerful paradigm of programming with theorem-proving (PwTP) in ATS.

List of Problems Having Specifications

Please try to contribute either a specification or a solution (that is, implementation), or both. The success of this project relies on the joint effort of the ats-lang-users community and beyond. Thanks!

The End of [README.md]