Internal types

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Internal types are introduced in the file pats_staexp2.sats, and having a better understanding of how these types relate to actual ATS types will be helpful in debugging.

  • S2Eapp - an application term.
  • S2Ecst - a type constant (for instance, int, bool, list, etc.)
  • S2Eeff - function effects.
  • S2Eexi - an existentially quantified type.
  • S2Eint - machine precision integer.
  • S2Eintinf - infinite precision integer; commonly used for integer sorts in most compiled versions of atsopt (patsopt).
  • S2Evar - a (typically universally quantified) variable.
  • S2Etop(knd=0; T) means T?
  • S2Etop(knd=1; T) means T?!
  • S2EVar - an (existentially quantified) unification variable introduced by the typechecker.
  • S2RTBASpre(s) - predicative sort s.
  • S2RTBASimp(1; s) - impredicative sort s.
  • S2RTfun - refers to a functional sort.
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