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Cannot read property 'provider' of undefined #1150

Evineit opened this issue Nov 14, 2020 · 15 comments

Cannot read property 'provider' of undefined #1150

Evineit opened this issue Nov 14, 2020 · 15 comments
bug Something isn't working potential-bug Seems like something isn't working


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Evineit commented Nov 14, 2020

Nothing shows up at the commits and branches views when clicked, only an error notification shows up

  • GitLens Version: 11.0.0

VS Code Version: 1.51.1
OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.19041

Steps to Reproduce:

1.Open the commit view


@Evineit Evineit added the potential-bug Seems like something isn't working label Nov 14, 2020
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luizwhite commented Nov 15, 2020

Same with me @Evineit

[2020-11-15 01:43:45:198] [2da] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).onVisibilityChanged — e={"visible":true}
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:198] [2db] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).ensureSubscription
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:198] [2dc] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).subscribe
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:198] [2dc] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).subscribe completed • 0 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:198] [2dd] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).triggerChange — false
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:198] [2de] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).triggerChange — false, false
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:198] [2df] CommitsViewNode.triggerChange — false, false
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:198] [2e0] CommitsView.refreshNode — e=CommitsViewNode, t=false, i=false
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:198] [2e1] CommitsViewNode.refresh — false
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:199] [2e1] CommitsViewNode.refresh completed • 0 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:199] [2da] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).onVisibilityChanged completed • 0 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:199] [2e2] CommitsView.triggerNodeChange — e=CommitsViewNode
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:199] [2e2] CommitsView.triggerNodeChange completed • 0 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:199] [2db] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).ensureSubscription completed • 1 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:200] [2e0] CommitsView.refreshNode completed • 1 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:200] [2df] CommitsViewNode.triggerChange completed • 1 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:200] [2de] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).triggerChange completed • 1 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:200] [2dd] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).triggerChange completed • 2 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:203] [2e3] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).ensureSubscription
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:203] [2e3] CommitsRepositoryNode(gitlens:repository(/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web)).ensureSubscription completed • 0 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:203] [2e4] GitService.getRemotes — e=/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:203] [2e5] GitService.getRepository — e=/home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:205] [2e5] GitService.getRepository returned /home/luizmarques/Development/gostack/nivel-03/gobarber-frontend-web • 1 ms
[2020-11-15 01:43:45:205] [2e4] GitService.getRemotes completed • 1 ms

Note: after last update to GitLens v11

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Same here using:

GitLens: 11.0.0
VSCode Version: 1.51.1
Electron: 9.3.3
Chrome: 83.0.4103.122
Node.js: 12.14.1
OS: Linux x64 5.9.4-arch1-1

The error fires when I open "Branches". It also occurs when I open "Commits" if I'm not in the master branch; in master the commits are shown.

The stack trace of the error:

notificationsAlerts.ts:38 TypeError: Cannot read property 'provider' of undefined
    at Function.getHighlanderProviders (/home/daniel/.vscode/extensions/eamodio.gitlens-11.0.0/dist/webpack:/gitlens/src/git/models/remote.ts:18)
    at BranchNode.getTreeItem (/home/daniel/.vscode/extensions/eamodio.gitlens-11.0.0/dist/webpack:/gitlens/src/views/nodes/branchNode.ts:289)
    at /opt/visual-studio-code/resources/app/out/vs/workbench/services/extensions/node/extensionHostProcess.js:675
    at async Promise.all (/opt/visual-studio-code/resources/app/out/vs/code/electron-browser/workbench/index 1)
    at m.fetchChildrenNodes (/opt/visual-studio-code/resources/app/out/vs/workbench/services/extensions/node/extensionHostProcess.js:674)

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Just installed latest GitLens and same thing happens to me. Can't see commits no matter what.

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Same Issue.

Update to Vscode 1.51 automatically with the latest feature of gitlens. Great now I can directly manipulate gitlens operation in the source control panel.

However, when I clicked at "commits", "repositories" and "file history" to expand, the following error notification will always appear, "Cannot read property "provider" of undefined". I was at a private GitHub repository then. I changed it to a public GitHub repository and this problem got resolved. No more error notification.

Maybe the latest gitlens is having some trouble with the GitHub authentication.

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@Leslie-Wong-H even without a remote the error occurs to me

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Same issue with me and all my team

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weiliang903 commented Nov 16, 2020

截屏2020-11-16 09 53 32

v11.0.0, macOS 10.15.5
same issue for me.
I am so sad.😫

截屏2020-11-16 10 07 45

Then, I installed the previous version v10.2.3. It's ok.😄

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Ttou commented Nov 16, 2020

same issue

1 similar comment
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gp3098 commented Nov 16, 2020

same issue

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gentig commented Nov 16, 2020

Same issue with the newest version (11.0.0). Installed the older version 10.2.3 and it works.

@eamodio eamodio self-assigned this Nov 16, 2020
@eamodio eamodio added the bug Something isn't working label Nov 16, 2020
@eamodio eamodio added this to the Soon™ milestone Nov 16, 2020
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same issue:
MBP macOS 10.15.6
vscode 1.51.1

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eamodio commented Nov 16, 2020

Fixed in v11.0.1

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lanxb commented Nov 16, 2020


Fixed in v11.0.1

so fast ,it's work fine now.

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fixed! thanks so much!

@eamodio eamodio removed this from the Soon™ milestone Dec 2, 2020
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github-actions bot commented Jan 2, 2021

This issue has been automatically locked since there has not been any recent activity after it was closed. Please open a new issue for related bugs.

@github-actions github-actions bot locked as resolved and limited conversation to collaborators Jan 2, 2021
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bug Something isn't working potential-bug Seems like something isn't working
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