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Mirror of GitLab CI, please use repo for issues
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Latest commit ab59b45 @axilleas axilleas Merge pull request #640 from martinmaillard/fix-typo
Add missing word in runners docs
Failed to load latest commit information.
app Fix commits ordering when using PostgreSQL
bin Added the rails 4 binstubs and injected spring
builds build trace in file
config Merge branch 'build-triggers' into 'master'
db Don't change db/schema for sessions
doc Add missing word
lib Nicer export script output with 'ls -lh'
public Fix skipped svg
script Randomize test database
spec Remove old should syntax from spec
vendor remove vendor from gitignore
.foreman Default dev port for CI is 9000
.gitattributes Merge union CHANGELOG
.gitignore Use config/secrets.yml to store session secret and database encryptio…
.gitlab-ci.yml Adjust CI config to support Docker executors
.hound.yml Semaphore does not like real git fetching, stub out the call
.rspec Add Fuubar
.rubocop.yml Enable more rubocop rules
.travis.yml Test for ruby 2.0 only
CHANGELOG Update CHANGELOG correct spelling of submission
Gemfile Add Fuubar
Gemfile.lock Add Fuubar
Guardfile rubocop install
LICENSE Updated copyright to 2015
Procfile Removed all puma references Refer to migration guide in (8.0) README
Rakefile Upgrade to rails 4.1.9
VERSION Bump to 8.0.0.pre Added RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT support

GitLab CI is an open-source continuous integration server

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GitLab CI 8.0

GitLab CI is now integrated in GitLab. The last 'stand-alone' version of GitLab CI was version 7.14. The sole purpose of GitLab CI 8.0 is to help you migrate data from your existing (pre-8.0) CI server into GitLab 8.0.

The migration procedure is documented in GitLab.


Please see the GitLab CI page on the website for all information.

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