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add debian/ubuntu igitlab installer #136

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Add iGitLab installer scripts for ubuntu and debian





Ok, I finally found some time to play with this. Testing in Ubuntu 12.04/13.10 and Debian 7.

I ran on this issue, maybe the sed somehow has to do something with this? Haven't investigated further.

What I'd like to see:

  1. A freshly installed Debian doesn't have sudo preinstalled and the script assumes that. Maybe we could implement a function that checks whether sudo is installed and if not it installs it, add the user to the sudo group, suggests a logout/login and a rerun of the script.
  2. A complete stop of the script when I press Ctrl^C. Now, it skips one section and jumps to the next one.
  3. A saner way to check the new user's db password. The previous time I ran the script on Ubuntu 12.04, I was away from the pc not able to see the output and somehow the installation finished with the password in database.yml unchanged, resulting rake gitlab:setup not being able to setup the database. Which brings me to no4.
  4. I would really like to see all the output of the script in a log file, or if you want, the important ones like the db setup. In #135 @doublerebel has this functionality, maybe take a peek from there? A combo of your scripts would be best.

Other than that the script is fine :)
Thanks again for your time.

Edit: Actually, I see that in your recipes branch you started working on these issues.


Heya long time no see, eh? I saw the site pretty neat, is this still something that is of intrest to have updated? Been a while since I worked on it and figure it's about time to show a little love to it :+1:


Definitely! I was thinking maybe add a conf file where this script could read from. That case the user would have to change the conf and not the script itself. What do you think?


Good idea, I went ahead and updated the script for 6-9-stable, will have to do some testing tomorrow on it:

I'll look at the conf file here soon after I test it too and will let you know :+1:

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