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vagrant up hangs on RVM build #22

m4tthumphrey opened this Issue · 16 comments

6 participants

Matt Humphrey Angus MacArthur Izaak (John) Alpert Yosi Attias Sytse Sijbrandij Danilo Cabello
Matt Humphrey

It's been stuck on INFO: Building rvm_ruby[ruby-1.9.3], this could take awhile... for nearly 2 hours. Any ideas? Am running on Mountain Lion.

Edit: Make that 8 hours... Left it over night and was still hanging.

Looks like this: fnichol/chef-rvm#157

Matt Humphrey

That thread ^ has the solution:

chef.json = {
  :rvm => {
    :user_installs => [
      { :user         => 'vagrant',
        :default_ruby => '1.9.3'
    :vagrant => {
      :system_chef_solo => '/opt/vagrant_ruby/bin/chef-solo'
    :global_gems => [{ :name => 'bundler'}],
    :branch => 'none',
    :version => '1.17.10'
  :mysql => {
    :server_root_password => "nonrandompasswordsaregreattoo",
    :server_repl_password => "nonrandompasswordsaregreattoo",
    :server_debian_password => "nonrandompasswordsaregreattoo"
  :gitlab => {
    :host_user_id => host_user_id,
    :host_group_id => host_group_id

In Vagrantfile. Key lines here are :branch => 'none', and :version => '1.17.10'. They must be set. Is apparently fixed in latest version.

Angus MacArthur

To which files are these fixes applied?

Edit: Never mind - found it in the Vagrantfile

Matt Humphrey

@amacarthur, I must have forgot to include the file name, have edited.

Izaak (John) Alpert

This doesn't appear to be fixed in the latest version.

Yosi Attias

I had this error, and I research for hours how to fix until I find this solution, Thanks @m4tthumphrey .

Why this fix is not committed?

Sytse Sijbrandij

Can somebody maybe send a pull request for this?

Danilo Cabello

I tried to use this fix and my ruby was compiled although my VM is still failing with other errors.

Sytse Sijbrandij dosire reopened this
Sytse Sijbrandij

Send PR #25

Danilo Cabello

I was thinking here, it would be really nice to have 2 or more branches, for example, the company I work for is using 4.2 and is not planning to move to 5.0 so soon, so I would use 4-2-stable branch to develop, fix bugs, give maintenance, and we could have master branch pointing to bleeding edge gitlab. What do you guys think?

For me there are important differences between production and development environment, like the debugger with the stack trace and no cache so with a single refresh I can test my work. Today there only guides pointing to production environment, even the development wiki page.

Danilo Cabello

It definitely looks better although my original idea was:


To production

If you want to deploy gitlab for production use we suggest you to follow the following installation guides:

  • Installation guide for latest stable release (4.2) - Recommended
  • Installation guide for the current master branch (5.0)

To development

If you want to contribute back to gitlab (yeah :heart_eyes:), first things first, please read our Contributing Guidelines, and then we suggest you to use:

  • Vagrant project

(Inside vagrant project we explain that you can do vagrant up 4.2 to fix only several bugs and vagrant up master to contribute back to the project with new features, small bug fixes and even several bug fixes.

Danilo Cabello

When I tried to have a development machine, since the vagrant didn't worked for me, I used the 4.2 installation guide, and created development tables, granted development access, gave sudoers to gitlab user because bundle install was failing and foreman was failing too. We could do a installation guide for developers with those small changes but I would love to use vagrant project instead.

Sytse Sijbrandij

@cabello I think your original idea looks better than what is now in the installation guide (written by me).

Would you mind creating a pull request for it?

Sytse Sijbrandij

Thanks! Glad to see it was already merged.

Can I close this issue?

Danilo Cabello

Yes, it's not hanging on RVM build anymore.

Sytse Sijbrandij dosire closed this
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