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Team: #{}
%legend Members (#{@team.members.count})
= form_tag team_members_path(@team), id: "team_members", class: "bulk_import", method: :post do
%th User name
%th Default project access
%th Team access
- @team.members.each do |member|
%small= "(#{member.username})"
%td= @team.human_default_projects_access(member)
%td= @team.admin?(member) ? "Admin" : "Member"
%td= select_tag :user_ids, options_from_collection_for_select(@users , :id, :name_with_username), multiple: true, data: {placeholder: 'Select users'}, class: 'chosen span5'
%td= select_tag :default_project_access, options_for_select(Project.access_options), {class: "project-access-select chosen span3" }
%span= check_box_tag :group_admin
%span Admin?
%td= submit_tag 'Add User', class: "btn btn-create", id: :add_members_to_team
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