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Make separation between production and development clearer.

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@@ -85,26 +85,28 @@ Each month on the 22th a new version is released together with an upgrade guide.
* Features that will be in the next release are listed on [the feedback and suggestions forum with the status "started"](
-### Getting started
+### Run in production mode
-1. The Installation guide contains instructions to download an init script and run that on boot. With the init script you can also start GitLab
+1. The Installation guide contains instructions on how to download an init script and run it automatically on boot. You can also start the init script manually:
sudo service gitlab start
- or
+ or by directly calling the script
- sudo /etc/init.d/gitlab restart
+ sudo /etc/init.d/gitlab start
-2. Start it with [Foreman]( in development mode
+### Run in development mode
+Start it with [Foreman](
bundle exec foreman start -p 3000
- or start it manually
+ or start each component separately
bundle exec rails s
bundle exec rake sidekiq:start
-### Running the tests
+### Run the tests
* Seed the database

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