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-# Contact & support
+# Contribute to GitLab
-If you want quick help, head over to our [Support Forum](!forum/gitlabhq).
-Otherwise you can follow our [Issue Submission Guide]( for a more systematic and thorough guide to solving your issues.
+If you have a question or want to contribute to GitLab this guide show you the appropriate channel to use.
+## Ruling out common errors
+Some errors are common and it may so happen, that you are not the only one who stumbled over a particular issue. We have [collected several of those and documented quick solutions]( for them.
-# Contribute to GitLab
+## Support forum
+Please visit our [Support Forum](!forum/gitlabhq) for any kind of question regarding the usage or adiministration/configuration of GitLab.
-## Recipes
+### Use the support forum if ...
-We collect user submitted installation scripts and config file templates for platforms we don't support officially.
-We believe there is merit in allowing a certain amount of diversity.
-You can get and submit your solution to running/configuring GitLab with your favorite OS/distro, database, web server, cloud hoster, configuration management tool, etc.
+* You get permission denied errors
+* You can't see your repos
+* You have issues cloning, pulling or pushing
+* You have issues with web_hooks not firing
-Help us improve the collection of [GitLab Recipes](
+**Search** for similar issues before posting your own, there's a good chance somebody else had the same issue you have now and had it resolved.
+## Paid support
+Community support in the [Support Forum](!forum/gitlabhq) is done by volunteers. Paid support is available from [](
## Feature suggestions
-Follow the [Issue Submission Guide]( and support other peoples ideas or propose your own.
+Feature suggestions don't belong in issues but can go to [Feedback forum]( where they can be voted on.
+## Pull requests
+Code speaks louder than words. If you can please submit a pull request with the fix including tests. Starting point would be the [Developer Guide](
+## Submitting via GitHub's issue tracker
+* For obvious bugs or misbehavior in GitLab in the master branch. Please include the revision id and a reproducible test case.
+* For problematic or insufficient documentation. Please include a suggestion to improve it.
+If you're unsure where to post, post it to the [Support Forum](!forum/gitlabhq) first.
+There are a lot of helpful GitLab users there who may be able to help you quickly.
+If your particular issue turns out to be a bug, it will find its way from there to the [issue tracker on GitHub](
+### When submitting an issue
+**Search** for similar entries before submitting your own, there's a good chance somebody else had the same issue or idea. Show your support with `:+1:` and/or join the discussion.
+Please consider the following points when submitting an **issue**:
+* Summarize your issue in one sentence (what happened wrong, when you did/expected something else)
+* Describe your issue in detail (including steps to reproduce)
+* Add logs or screen shots when possible
+* Describe your setup (use relevant parts from `sudo -u gitlab -H bundle exec rake gitlab:env:info`)
-## Code
+## Thank you!
-Follow our [Developer Guide]( to set you up for hacking on GitLab.
+By taking the time to use the right channel, you help the development team to organize and prioritize issues and suggestions in order to make GitLab a better product for us all.

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