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+## GitLab Roadmap
+### Common
+* Help page for service tasks like repos import, backup etc
+* Hide last push widget after following link
+* Add comment events
+* Dashboard/Project activity events filter
+### Issues
+* labels autocomplete via jquery autocomplete
+* Import/Export issues

Please include Import Git repositories from Github/Gitorious/sourceforge/ etc...

?? This makes no sense. Why is importing git repos from github/gitorious/sf an issue?

git clone repo
git push repo to new remote

All done!

Or even better, login to server, add new project, cd to repo

git clone --bare repo

All done!

Doing one is okay, doing 100+ is a different thing. Hence I wrote these rake tasks to help with this

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+* Form: Assign to me link right to the selectbox
+### Merge Request
+* CI build status
+* Save code fragments with MR comments

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