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Install gems with user `git`, not `gitlab`
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@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ GitLab uses [Omniauth]( for authentication and already
These steps are fairly general and you will need to figure out the exact details from the Omniauth provider's documentation.
* Add `gem "omniauth-your-auth-provider"` to the [Gemfile](
-* Run `sudo -u gitlab -H bundle install` to install the new gem(s)
+* Run `sudo -u git -H bundle install` to install the new gem(s)
* Add provider specific configuration options to your `config/gitlab.yml` (you can use the [auth providers section of the example config]( as a reference)
* Add icons for the new provider into the [vendor/assets/images/authbuttons]( directory (you can find some more popular ones over at
* Restart GitLab

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