Possibility to add multiple email adresses to profile #1055

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I'm using Git on multiple systems with different emails, but would like to have my commits recognized as me in Gitlab, no matter from what location I push. So just like: https://github.com/settings/emails


unnecessary for us the feature. Sorry

@vsizov vsizov closed this Jul 9, 2012

Who is us? And why unnecessary?


core team don't want to do it. If you want this feature please create pull-request.


What benefit we will get?


@vsizov, +1, this is the way to make your users submit pull requests. GTFO them, and they'll be back with a PR -- brilliant!

@randx randx reopened this Jul 9, 2012

+1 this feature would be nice to have ( although i personally keep my work and private stuff separated).


+1 this would be a useful feature for us also. Our company has email address aliases and switched email domain in the past. Some people prefer different email address aliases and some have changed the address they commit as over time. It would be nice if the same user profile could be mapped to all of that user's commits.

This is also an issue when using the LDAP auth, because when the LDAP user first logs into gitlab, their account is tied to a single email address (the one specified in their Active Directory profile). If the user edits their email address in their gitlab profile, then that account loses their LDAP account mapping, and a new gitlab account is created next time they log in.


Yeah LDAP and domain changes are a great business reason for this.

Another example: external contractors with AD credentials for logging in but external email addresses.
Another example: "woops, committed that from my personal address."
Another example: Name changes can sometimes mean people setup aliases/new email addresses.

Its just a solid feature.

I'm not a ruby developer and this is sure to have deep integration issues so I hope someone finds this useful enough to hack together a PR. I'll just have to hack around it for now.


+1 I would definitely like to see this implemented, too!








+1 as well. Losing the mappings between users because of email address or even user.name discrepancies makes everything a tad bit more confusing. The Atlassian tool Fisheye implemented a similar feature called user mappings. Basically you could select commits that have been made to repositories and map that "user" to your account.


+1. Would for help a lot for us as well; especially as it would be possible to filter your own actions out of the activity stream...


💯 👍


It looks like you can set up your single gravatar account to be associated multiple e-mail addresses. If you do this, then no matter which e-mail you used at the time of commit, it will show your gravatar.


@jbohren You are right. I have multiple e-mail addresses assigned to gravatar and all show the same avatar.

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Another use-case: work vs personal commits should also link to unified identity:

Also, 👎 to the initial approach of closing the issue

GitLab member

@patcon I'm sorry you feel that way. The issue tracker policy is detailed here https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlabhq/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#issue-tracker


Came across a convo that immediately made me think of the approach gittip is taking here: https://botbot.me/freenode/gittip/msg/6118740/

Just food for thought :)


I need this feature 👍
Many thanks if you will implement!


As already mentioned, this particularly makes sense for people who use LDAP but would like a different email address in the commits. I would appreciate this feature as well.


ditto, would love to have this feature, I use ldap as the primary thing on the, so to add another email would be very beneficial


@dosire since the UserVoice forum is closed and all of the other issues point to this one, can we reopen this, or open a new issue to the same effect?

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@atavakoli I think you can already add multiple emails to a profile. Otherwise open an issue on https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues

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