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Direct pull from github/gitorious/gitlab/... #1102

cpf opened this Issue · 24 comments

It would be nice to be able to pull a project into gitlab directly from github, gitorious, gitlab or another (simple) git host.






you mean doing a "git pull git://" to an existing repository in gitlab, or more like
my repository is on github i want to clone it to gitlab?


go in gitlab, open button "repository from external repository", choose which, for example github, with your access Key (or clone) and import it in your own gitlab (so I think)

cpf commented

I was thinking about something in the likes of creating a new project, which already has code in another git repository (e.g. github), where if I push to my gitlab, it would also sync with the "parent" (If applicable, otherwise, a nice addon would be to put down a pull request, but that's not for this issue)

So, workflow: Create new project -> name project -> Define alternative (origin) git repository -> Still provide the usual local repository stuff.
After that, the project is created, the gitlabs repo is also created, and populated automagically with the github version.


I made a rake task As in your workflow, well is a "tiny bit" complex with all the gui stuff, but ill try to work on it.
the usage is: bundle exec rake environment import_repository[source_url,user@emal] RAILS_ENV=production

cpf commented

Very cool, I will try and check this out this evening...


i tried it using github git-readonly. I think the next step would be getting the keys from gitlab so you can pull and sync with github. We'll see


@chopmann nice work.






@riyad I would like to contact you :e-mail:


@chopmann you can find my email on my profile (or in the commits ;) )


Already in master

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I need direct pull to gihub form local files on pc similar to BATCHing. All suggestions is to install some cygwin or similar program just to use pulling... I don't want that. I downloaded the library, I edited it and I want to upload my zip directly from github to greate pull request.

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